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Art Center College of Design
Nuovo earned his degree from the Art Center College of Design, renowned for its rigorous professional studies with programs in product, automotive, communications and industrial design, in Pasadena, California.  Nuovo served as Alumni President for the Art Center and has advised on behalf of Business Board of the Finnish National Museum of Modern Art.  Nuovo is a very active supporter of design academics globally and through Nokia has championed design research programs at many of the leading design colleges around the world including the Art Center College in Pasadena, The Royal College in London, St. Martins College London, Helsinki school of Art and Design, Helsinki, Domus Academie In Milan, and many others in China, Japan, South America and the USA. In 1999, Nuovo envisioned and proposed a Color Material and Trend Lab (CMTL) at the Art Center College of Design that was funded by Nokia in December 2005. In December 2008, The Art Center College of Design honored Nuovo with the prestigious Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award. Additionally, The Art Center presented Nuovo with a doctorate of science degree in recognition of his life's work in the field of Industrial Design.

In fact, of styles ranging from a few hundred to several thousand.

BMW/ Designworks 1986-1995
From Designer to Design Director of BMW / Designworks, Nuovo fine-tuned his skills while designing consumer electronics, medical instruments, general consumer products and automotive products for Fortune 500 companies. Many diverse programs were accomplished there including many types of seating for office and outdoor furnishings, exercise and rehabilitation equipment design, architectural interior and office accessory products, car interior and seating design. Early work included ergonomic testing and console design for air traffic, air defense and automated manufacturing control user interface and console design. Additionally, Nuovo led creation of marketing materials for the company including multi-media and video productions. Early in the computer aided design era, Nuovo and his team developed hybrid design methods combining traditional hand modeling methods and computer-aided-design and rapid prototyping methods using Alias and CDRS systems. Nuovo started work for then client Nokia in 1989 where consumer category, lifestyle, colors and materials research was applied to Nokia and other clients.

Chief of Design, Nokia 1995 - 2006
As founding head of the Nokia Design organization since 1995, Nuovo spearheaded the company’s styling and global industrial design innovations. Nuovo initiated the building of Nokia's first international design group of over 30 nationalities. Building and orchestrating a global design team that now can be found in multiple points in Finland, England, Denmark, Japan, China and the USA including Los Angeles and San Diego. During his time at Nokia, Nuovo was responsible for leading design strategy for what can be considered one of the most successful stories of growth and success in modern history. Innovations there combine technology, usability and style with user centered design. Nuovo and his team helped Nokia capture market share that maintained global leadership at levels more than twice that the nearest competitor's global market share. While at Nokia, Nuovo was very active in brand development and renewal resulting in Nokia’s position as the worlds 6th most valuable brand (Interbrand). Nuovo left Nokia while on a continuing upward corporate performance trend. With financials as reported by Nokia, during Nuovo’s last quarter, Nokia reported a 21% rise in first-quarter net profit due to strong performances at its mobile-phone and multimedia divisions. The world's largest cell phone maker stated sales rose 29% and its market share rose by three percentage points, from a year earlier, to 35%. At that point, the products designed by his team were manufactured at a rate of over four hundred million units per year. After departure from Nokia, Nuovo's portfolio legacy contributed positively to what was a continuing upward trend with Nokia gaining to a 38% market share with net sales rising 28% through to the second quarter of 2007.

Founder, Creative Director and Designer, Vertu 1997- 2006
Frank Nuovo remains a visionary force behind Vertu – the new luxury communications company. Its products are the world’s most exclusive precision communications instruments. As Vertu’s creative director and designer, Nuovo led the team in making the dream of Vertu’s design and image excellence a reality.

Inspired by examples of dedication to precision craft and design, Nuovo had a mission to apply time-honored traditions and workmanship to proven mobile technology. In doing so, Nuovo has brought artistry and personal significance to his creation, aiming to equal or surpass the level of the finest timepiece. Applying his design expertise to everything from the company’s conceptualization, its environments, products and accessories to the final presentation of the product, Nuovo remains a vital part of Vertu and as of April 1, 2006 has been retained as Vertu’s Principal Designer.

Growing up in the creative and artistically diverse community of Monterey, California, Nuovo has maintained a variety of ways to explore creative expression. After briefly studying classical guitar as a child, he accelerated toward professional music performance at the young age of 11 years. He has studied and performed drums and percussion for virtually all musical styles. Nuovo performed live and on recordings and performed his way through The Art Center Design College with evening and weekend performances with well known studio artists. Early studies in Art included private instructions in art Galleries of Carmel California and at the Monterey Peninsula College.

Nuovo is an active lecturer and has been invited to speak at international venues including The World Economic Forum, Korean International Design Conference and has accepted keynote and corporate lectures for Intel Corporation, Liz Claiborne, The APAC Leadership Forum in Singapore and Hong Kong, The International Conference on Ergonomics and User Interface in Rome, Italy, and institutions such as British Design Museum, D&AD Presidents Lecture Series at the Royal Geographical Society (UK), Domus Academie and ULM in Milan, Italy University of Industrial Art and Design, Helsinki Finland, The Fashion Institute in Rome, the University of Southern California Annenberg School of Communication, The Art Center college of Design, Stanford University, The University of California Los Angeles Anderson School Of Business Management, Pepperdine University, and Les Echoes Conference on creativity “Embracing Complexity” in Paris, France, The TED Conference 2002 (Technology, Entertainment and Design), Monterey California, The Industrial Designers Association National Design Conference In New York and Los Angeles, and other conferences on design and technology in France, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada and Germany and the USA.

Frank Nuovo has served on international jury panels for leading design awards such as IF (Industrie Forum Design Hanover), IDEA Award (Industrial Design Association of America), the IIDA Competition (International Interior Design Association) and the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian National Design Museum, National design Award.

Nuovo’s work has been featured in museums around the world including the Museum of Modern Art “Workspheres” (New York), and the Neus Museum Nurnberg Sammlung Design, The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum permanent collection and as part of the design triennial the Essen Design Museum, Essen Germany.

Frank Nuovo has been featured and interviewed in various television and radio news programs and special features including: National Public Radio, CNN Live, CNN International, CNN Asia, CNN 360, CNBC, The Charlie Rose Show, CNET, The Fashion Channel, The Entertainment Channel, BBC News and Many others in Asia, Africa, the Middle east and throughout Europe.

His life’s work and story has been featured in publications including The New Yorker, Wired, Business Week, Fortune, Fast Company, Newsweek, Architectural Digest The Robb Report, GQ, Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, The New York Times and the New York Times Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, The Singapore Straights Times, Dagens Industri, The Financial Times, among others.

Design Awards
Nuovo’s design and innovation leadership has resulted in dozens of major awards and accolades around the world for him, and for his associates at Nokia and Vertu. These awards include several of Germany’s highly sought-after Red Dot and IF awards and American IDEA awards among many others from around the globe.

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